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Koopa Luath's test/demo releases
(2018-03-05, 03:18 AM)spoRv Wrote:
(2018-03-05, 01:43 AM)trondmm Wrote: I only tried AVCHD on a DVD-R, though, in case that makes a difference.

It does.

It really does? Wow! I see a BD-writer purchase in my future. Thanks Smile
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Maybe you have noted, in few cases, that even in commercial release there is a small pause between layer change; usually the mastering studio put it in a scene change - possibly a darken one - to mask it! Big Grin

BD layer change, at the contrary, does not have this problem. And a BD burner is always a good addition to the setup, considering the prices are very low now.
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Owing to a new circumstance, I'm putting my projects on hold until at least this Summer. Specifically, I have just received word that Kino is planning to release Fistful of Dollars on Blu-ray this May 22, and I'm planning on pre-ordering it to see if any of the new special features announced in the press release are usable. In the meantime, I'm going to use the extra time to acquire some more materials for all of my projects, and I am still going to actively develop my A-project and side project, in addition to the initial seamless branching test for PDB's Mad Max 2 project using the basest of what I've got of the film itself, on DVD and Blu-ray, and I still intend to post said seamless branching test in this thread this month, assuming everything goes more smoothly than it had in the past few days (namely, the files I output via Blender 2.79 turned out to be way too large for tsMuxeR to handle, and since the files were otherwise useless to bring down to a more manageable size because of a boatload of inserted frames which ended up making them a whopping thousand FPS instead of the 23.976 I was going for, I had to go back and redo everything from scratch).
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OK, here it is, finally, my seamless branching test for PDB, to prove that alternate titles are indeed possible for his Mad Max 2 project:

And Andrea, if you're interested in seeing for yourself, the massive, nearly 20 GB size is here a necessity this time, as I wanted to simulate the real deal as far as Blu-ray media is concerned. Should be big enough to nearly fill a single-layer disc, anyway. In any case, those who want to see it have just under a week to grab it.
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So burning this to BDR disc or virtual/mounting will result in seamless playback?
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I haven't actually tried that yet, and in fact I don't have any burnable Blu-ray media yet due to budgetary concerns, in my experience they can be quite the drag. All I'm saying is, it more or less worked with what I was able to test it with. I do plan on trying to make it into a mountable ISO at some point, of course.
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Well, anyway, I'm doing some preliminary editing work on at least a couple of my recutting projects in an effort to hone my skills for a job I might be getting in video editing from the local recording studio. However, they are not to be considered my A-projects yet; I'm simply practicing for what might be expected of me if I do get the editing job (and I'm not saying I won't).
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Expect an announcement of my first new releases sometime next month. Do note that they may not come out immediately, let alone all at once. But after careful consideration, I ended up deciding to take a more subdued approach to my summertime debut, for which I plan to have a few quickies ready (I'm already well underway with one of them).
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OK, for this summer, and perhaps going into the fall, I'm announcing my first new releases! Here they are:

* The Three Stooges (first volume already in progress, in case Feallan was wondering)
* Candy Candy
* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Heroes in a Half-Shell
* Robotech
* Sailor Moon
* Pokémon
* The Super Mario Brothers and the Legend of Zelda
* Keeping Up Appearances
* Open All Hours
* The Slayers
* Magic Knight Rayearth
* The Nutcracker (Bolshoi '77)

All titles will be available as simulated VHS and Betamax rips, complete with just the right amount of static at the start and end for proper lengths. DVD and Blu-ray plans to be announced at a later date.
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Forgot to mention: artwork for all the summer quickies will be released at a later date, and all projects, when they're released, will be made available on a certain English-language Italian forum founded by certain Reddit exiles, and you'll need to have an account at that forum to even view the forum (don't worry, signing up is easy compared to that internal organ I'm not a part of).
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