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open matte & full screen main thread

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(2018-12-24, 10:42 PM)spoRv Wrote: You can see the feet of the droid on the right.

Nevermind... just (re)discovered that HDTV has a different frame size than BD... actually, Disney Channel broadcast used the BD master, just cropped on both side...

Yet to find out EP2 and EP3 open matte - if they exist, and they should...
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
(2018-01-28, 01:03 PM)spoRv Wrote:
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - OAR 2.40:1


The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - OAR 2.40:1


The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - OAR 2.40:1


Where does one find the 4:3 and Open Matte versions? Big Grin
(2019-01-08, 08:04 AM)spoRv Wrote:
(2019-01-08, 04:05 AM)SpaceBlackKnight Wrote: Weren't Star Wars Episodes II and III shot in 16:9 HDCAM (which is Super-35 like and has a native ratio of about 1.78:1) and finished digitally? I remember seeing II on TNT a few years ago and looked like a mix of slightly opened up shots and completely zoomed in ones.

AFAIK yes!

Proofs: EP III - top BD, bottom extended scenes from BD

[Image: 86f6af31129e491b259f04d281571744.jpg]
[Image: a0e6b0561f702ec77b449cc992aa0f3d.jpg]

[Image: 4dfc712b2134ef7e033449d68fb8607a.jpg]
[Image: 207d94fa98cc239e26bd30d41fbb8b72.jpg]

it will be great to get those HDTV recordings!

I just watched the first hour of an EP III HDTV recording in 16:9 and I could not find any open matte shots.
Those two shots in particular were cropped.

I also have an EP II recording that I will try to validate soon.  If anyone knows any specific shots that might be opened that would greatly help.
Thanks for checking this, and also EP II!

Apart full open matte - like in the screenshots taken from the BD extended scenes - there is a small chance that the cropped HDTV version has a bit more lines on top and bottom...
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
I quickly went trough a bunch of random shots from my recording of EP II and I could not find any open matte ones, not even by a few lines.

For reference, these are the new 2015 versions without the 20th Century Fox Fanfare. Maybe an older 16:9 version was opened.
I can say for sure the fullscreen prequel DVD's don't have the mattes opened up. I would think it would have cost more to render FX for stuff that was going to be cropped anyway.

I have the open matte Laserdisc of Phantasm II if there's any interest in that.
My collection comparsion. I upload it earlier on polish forum about movies so... some text are in polish Wink

Ja siedzę w 4:3 dużo to dam listę swoją gdzie w 4:3 więcej widać góra dół niż 16:9 ale to czasami inne kadrowanie czasami zostawienie open matte:

Moje 4:3 fullscreen DVD:

1. Cobra NTSC DVD Fullscreen vs BD

[Image: d1ycZl1.jpg]

2. Back To The Future I, II, III NTSC DVD Fullscreen vs Widescreen

[Image: Nb3x1aJ.jpg]

weźcie pokaż obrazek i na pełnym ekranie lepiej widać / take „show picture” for big size

3. Beetlejuice 1988 UK DVD obie wersje Fullscreen/Widescreen na jednej płycie - płyta dwustronna

DVD UK 4:3 vs BD

[Image: JRXCvW3.jpg]

4. Nothing But Trouble 1991 NTSC vs Valkenvania 1991 wydanie GER Widescreen

[Image: l28Imx4.jpg]

5. Spies Like US 1985 NTSC vs BD

[Image: Q5xnAo0.jpg]

6. Funny Farm 1988 NTSC

7. Jurassic Park 1993 NTS Fullscreen


[Image: SP6jCra.jpg]

8. Predator 1987 BD vs Fullscreen DVD NTSC

[Image: EdPxQsg.jpg]

9. T2 Kinowa Russian DVD Fullscreen vs Polish DVD PAL

https://imgur.com/u1lpKKO coś się pierniczy jak dam miniaturkę / just click link to see image on imgur

10. Abyss 1989 FS NTSC DVD vs WS NTSC DVD

[Image: 73UoONI.jpg]

11. Robocop 1987 BD vs Kinowa SATRip Fullscreen:

[Image: UxqqE1i.jpg]

12. Tequila Sunrise 1988 NTSC Fullscreen ws Widescreen DVD

[Image: gVGYKEK.png]

13. Total Recall 1990 NTSC DVD Fullscreen vs BD remaster

[Image: T8CZdAs.jpg]


[Image: bTujEDT.jpg]

14. Tajemnice L.A DVD Fullscreen nie wiem jakie to wydanie tylko ISO znalazłem:

[Image: nqw6swX.jpg]

15. Kickboxer 1989 NTSC DVD vs WS DVD PAL

[Image: gCQxLjU.jpg]

16. Lionheart 1990 NTSC DVD vs WS DVD PAL

[Image: gpwPBvB.jpg]

17. Dirty Dancing 1988 NTSC DVD vs BD

[Image: WlUr5kR.jpg]

18. Hard to Kill 1990 PAL DVD FS vs WS DVD płyta dwustronna

[Image: 3HAD1Au.jpg]

19. Jingle all the Way 1996 NTSC DVD vs BD

[Image: LGXwYRz.jpg]

20. Army of One 1993 NTSC DVD vs BD

[Image: 7e2L3c2.jpg]

21. Mosquito Coast 1986 NTSC DVD

22. No Way Out 1987 NTSC DVD vs BD

[Image: AsL8KPU.jpg]

23. Split Second 1992 BD vs NTSC DVD

[Image: 9RWXKQ5.jpg]

24. No Retreat No Surrender 1986 BD vs NTSC DVD

[Image: rLrCOlh.jpg]

25. Bloodsport 1988 Laserdisc NTSC vs DVD PAL

[Image: 88TnPIG.jpg]

26. Weekend At Bernies 1989 DVD PAL FS vs BD

[Image: jhkxw8Q.jpg]

27. Mask 1994 DVD NTSC 4:3 vs BD

[Image: 0ARtKip.jpg]

28. Return of The Living Dead 1985 DVD NTSC 4:3 vs 16:9


DVD NTSC MGM 2002 fullscreen vs BD Scream Factory 2016 2k

[Image: rotldc1oldb.png]

[Image: rotldc1scream2k.png]

[Image: rotldc2oldb.png]

[Image: rotldc2scream2k.png]

Return Of the Living Dead 3:

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National Lampoons Vacation 1983 DVD NTSC FS Snapper vs BD from bluray.com:

[Image: OnNyhiJ.jpg]
(This post was last modified: 2021-07-06, 02:05 PM by Nfsfan83.)
The Fugative 1993 DVD NTSC FS vs BD:

[Image: zJGsFeE.jpg]
Anaconda 1997 DVD NTSC FS (bothside DVD on other side is 2.35:1) vs BD:

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