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Annie Hall (1977): question about subtitles

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Annie Hall's got a questionable Blu-Ray transfer at best. It looks fairly desaturated and magenta-pushed even compared to the DVD:


But, also irksome is the fact that the famous Annie/Alvy dialogue on the rooftop now has player-generated subtitles. Does anyone know or remember approx. what type of font was used in the original version of the scene?

Since it was released the same year as Star Wars (and beat it at the Oscars), I'm curious whether it might even be the same font as the Greedo scene.  Big Grin

In any case, I know there's a new 4K restoration (which may or may not have improved subtitles for the scene), but haven't heard any movement on its Blu-Ray release.
Hmm...sounds like its an older MGM master then as they used to do that for everything then seemed to stop doing so later on. Usually if it is an integral part of the film and burnt in they started leaving it alone. I wonder if the Arrow UK release has them or not.

I'll have to check my old MGM LD which should have them as should the Criterion-both are probably the same transfer.
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captainsolo Wrote:I wonder if the Arrow UK release has them or not.
The Arrow blu-ray uses the exact same encode/disc as the MGM one. Arrow's license from MGM for Annie Hall and Manhattan didn't cover them being given the masters from which they could author their own discs.

You can read about this here: http://www.criterionforum.org/forum/view...6&start=25 - also mentions something about an audio sync issue. (MichaelB does freelance work for Arrow.)
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Thanks for the info, guys! captainsolo, if you don't mind, I'd love to see caps of the MGM LD master if it's got the burnt-in subs and you've got the capability to transfer the disc! Even a recording of a TV for reference will do!

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