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Family Guy 4K Rip + Encoding

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Hi guys,

I opened this thread because I need your help. I'm starting to rip from Netflix the Family Guy's episodes of the first seasons that were on 480p. My resolution is 4K (3840x2160). In each episode, for the true first 4-5 seconds, shows up the Netflix "play/sound bar". What I ask, is there a way, through "delogo" or similar, to make the frames clean?
I have no experience with avisynth so I hope I could get some help from you guys about it. To make it short, I need a full guided list of possible and concrete solutions.

Attached you will find some screens of the episode.





Looking forward to a prompt reply, hoping to get some help, I thank you very much.
Is there some way to navigate through the series with the keyboard without the bar appearing? Or maybe if the bar is HTML, you could use CSS to hide or move it out of the image? In the worst case, you can replace the affected image parts with another source of course, if you have one from the same master. spoRv made a forum post about this kind of stuff in the techniques forum.
Remove the bar or use CSS code to place it elsewhere. You may be able to find an existing userstyle to do it for you, otherwise you just need to move the .player-controls-wrapper element. Try this:

#netflix-player .player-controls-wrapper{bottom: -7em!important;}
#netflix-player .player-control-bar{height: 6em!important;}

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