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HDTV recordings color blankets

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Surely you have noted that often HDTV (and SDTV as well) recordings have a slight color blanket applied to them; even if the master is the same of the DVD or BD, you can see they are a bit different, color wise - and often also got different brightness and/or contrast.

I have noted that the same channel have the same blanket - for example the Russian HD1 has more green, and TV1000 has more magenta etc. - so I suspect this blanket is introduced when the broadcaster overlay its logo.

What do you think?
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Probably. I once visited a broadcasting office as a kid and they had a dedicated button for the station's logo. I was allowed to trigger it once, making the logo disappear for a few seconds. Big Grin I imagine they might have the same for any color blankets they might use.
You need to steal that button so that we can use it on all HDTV recordings with logos.
haha indeed Big Grin

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