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"movie sync"

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Today I just stumbled upon a "movie sync" project on myspleen; then following the link to the website that inspired it, I found a guy that "discovered" some albums could be put in sync with movies, and replace their soundtracks... I thought about the Indiana Jones - Soderbergh version; I quite like the idea, even if I think it's not worth a complete project, but only an audio track that could be muxed to BD and/or DVD - a simple task for our members.

Some links about movie sync:


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Interesting, gotta try this someday. Not a big fan of most of the music in the first link except Jethro Tull.

What makes me skeptical is that this would work well without being synced frame-perfectly.

Edit: R.E.M. synced to Brazil might also be worth a watch Big Grin
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Ah, "movie sync". Not a full movie, but something like this is indeed a guilty pleasure . .

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