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Good quality Franchise intro without frame blending?

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I would like to replace the following logo from a project I'm working on:

It's the typical "zoom out" thingy starting among those "skyscrapers" with the camera moving out to show this logo.

Not sure if it's possible to see in the screenshot, but the one I have has frame blending across all the masters I tried, which is very ugly.

Does anyone know of a version without the frame blending that I could use? HD of course. Film scan or Blu Ray source, doesn't matter, but ideally it's 16:9 or has a framing such that I can zoom in to show the same area as here.
Maybe the BD of Boondocks Saints could be a possible source.
IIRC the Franchise Logo was used on that movie. But I think it may be 2.35:1.
But I have no chance to check at the moment t.
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Someone on Blutopia was so kind to make screenshots of the Boondock Saints Blu: https://imagez.to/a/wFYj1o

Same issue with the frame blending. Thanks tho.

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