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THE KING AND I - Color corrected version at MoviesAnywhere!

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I'm not sure if you know all the controversy about this film on Bluray and how hideous the transfer looks with a blue tint all over.
(some people didn't have a problem though and insisted it was the correct color).

Now, according to this poster, MoviesAnywhere features a new HD transfer with corrected colors, which surely looks much better without the blue tint, and proves how wrong was the bluray!


I don't use digital services and such stuff (i wouldn't be able even if I wanted to).
So, does anyone happen to have this version?
Agree, BD is... well, blu as only a Blu-ray would be! Big Grin

Jokes apart, it's more than obvious, looking at the things that should be white, and are blueish instead... the latest version looks nice, got a better contrast in comparison to the 2005, which has also a magenta blanket.
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I think that might finally give some answer to the concerns over Fox having gone teal on many of their catalog BD releases from the past few years. Everything from Desk Set to the Marilyn Monroe titles and many others to varying degrees. To me it looked awful and there are many Fox BD titles that I either passed on or want to get older discs of like Cleopatra for example which looks lifeless compared to DVD shots.

But until there is official confirmation those of us who question something are the nutty ones.
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bumping the thread in case anyone has this version.
Unfortunately I don't have this version, but I have seen it. Flashback Cinema showed it last year, and the color was truly phenomenal. It's a shame the movie has been mistreated on Blu-ray, but I'm glad my first viewing was of the awesome version I saw Smile

EDIT: Just checked the Flashback Cinema schedule, and it turns out they are showing it again next month. FlashbackCinema.net for those curious. I'll be out of town I think, but hopefully some of you can go enjoy it.
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can anyone color correct the current Blu-Ray's transfer?
I'd say it needs a little life injected into it, as a FanRes project . .

[Image: The_King_And_I_-_2005_color_correction.png]

(Not volunteering, just proof-of-concept-ing on an non-calibrated monitor. Smile )
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IIRC, Vudu has the 2005 HD master while ITunes I believe was updated to the BD master a few years ago (I heard at one point they had the older master around 2008 or so but only at 720p)
Hey guys, just a reminder: tomorrow night you can see the newer master in a theater, via Flashback Cinema: http://www.flashbackcinema.net/new-blog/...the-king-i
bumping again the thread in case anyone aquired the corrected version.


"The corrected one is now on all digital platforms (except Amazon which uses the 2006 one)"

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