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Laserdisc capture - general thread
(2018-03-01, 12:50 PM)althor1138 Wrote: I'll probably have to build a separate pc with win7 just to use it again.

Why not multi-boot?
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I have a 256gb m2 drive for the os and my other drives are green drives so not really good for an operating system. I also have the parts laying around for another PC, I just need to assemble it.

Also, I try to avoid multiboot as there is a bigger chance for things to go haywire.
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The Theatrical Cut of the Abyss should be your priority. It as the original soundmix, color timing and open matte, and is not on the DVD which is a transfer from the SE, (the TC being taken from the longer SE version with some minor thinkering on a couple of shots). Can't wait, that one is long overdue!

I doubt you will be able to improve the DVD with the LD rip as they are both taken from the same master, the DVD being from the actual LD master. However the soundtrack is much better on the LD (for the SE) so concentrate on the soundtrack rip.
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