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Laserdisc capture - general thread
(2018-03-01, 12:50 PM)althor1138 Wrote: Happycube's software is still a work in progress and finding a decent way to digitize the rf signal can be tricky. I was using a hacked hauppauge card if I remember correctly. The results were sometimes great and sometimes bad. The HDD space required for going this route is immense and needs a hdd with at least 7200 rpm to write the raw rf fast enough.

IMO, going with a good capture card and capturing the composite output is still the way to go at the moment. I use the theater750hd pcie card. It seems to do tbc correction as well which greatly improves the quality of the picture. Problem is, most people get a bsod while using the card and i've only ever gotten it to work in win7. I stupidly upgraded to win10 and can't even use the thing now. I'll probably have to build a separate pc with win7 just to use it again.
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Does anyone here have a MUSE player they can capture well from?
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I’m still yet to acquire my own Laserdisc player, which is good because I haven’t gotten the wrong one, but bad because my perspective on the best player is constantly changing.

The HLD models have MUSE and are highly regarded among video and audiophiles as the ones with the best playback in the industry. However, the DVL models have Component output, which I hear is superior to S-Video. [I’m not 100% on the truthfulness of this, but still.]

So what do you guys think? Money is not much of a factor as I’m saving up to get the true master player. Of course, I’d love to save some money in the end, but not enough to compromise quality.

Any input is welcome and appreciated.
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At this point in time a good player is a working player. A lot of the spare parts are no longer available from Pioneer, many are having to buy 'junk' players for parts. MUSE players in particular are difficult to repair these days due to lack of spares. Many of the older generation players are better in this respect as they were built like tanks and are considered very reliable.
As for video outputs laserdisc is encoded as composite video, generally the comb filters within the players are considered crude compared to the comb filters in most recent capture cards. So unless you have one of the few players with an exceptional comb filter then the composite out is the way to go.
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