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Laserdisc capture - general thread
So I'm thinking of modding one of my own players with the Domesday86 since I have a lot of rare and obscure LDs (mostly anime). Anyone know if it's possible to mod a DVL-909? Also have an X9 but I don't really want to mess around with it as it would be really expensive to replace and has really complex innards from what I've seen...
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So I was watching an interview about this project and was going to post. but I see you lot are already way ahead of me. You might enjoy the interview anyway, so here it is:

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Hey Booshman, the video doesn't want to play for me, but is that the interview done by RetroRGB? If so, then I've already seen it, but thanks anyway.

I was told that the DVL-909 is indeed compatible with the domesday86 capture device, apparently someone else is already using that model. I'll have to open up the 909 and take a look inside, need to replace the belts anyway.

Don't think that my soldering skills are good enough to assemble the domesday86 device, though, so I'll have to find someone to do that for me. So it's probably going to be a long while before I'm able to do domesday86 captures, but hopefully not too long.
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(2018-12-27, 12:50 AM)BusterD Wrote: Hey Booshman, the video doesn't want to play for me, but is that the interview done by RetroRGB? If so, then I've already seen it, but thanks anyway.

Yeah it's the retroRGB video mate. I've fixed the link.
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Hm... is it possible to capture LaserDisc video through an Elgato HD60?
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If anybody is interested in tapping the rf from your laserdisc player to be able to use a domesday duplicator, here is a post from OT that shows how I went about it. The procedure should basically be the same for the majority of pioneer laserdisc players. I've done this on a cld-hf9g, cld-s315, and a cld-d515 and they all worked as long as you do a good job of soldering. I've since switched to RG174 cable. A mini-coax cable that terminates at 50 ohms. The shielding and the core wire are usually both copper which makes for much easier soldering. BTW, soldering aluminum doesn't work with normal solder.
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New demonstration video of the Domesday Duplicator:

The image quality of these captures is stunning!
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(2018-02-25, 04:19 AM)spoRv Wrote: ... but 720p would be not useful, as the signal was recorded at 480i (NTSC) or 576i (PAL); the quality would be a little bit better than hi-end players (and a lot better than low-end ones!)


Technicolor movies: are you talking about LD captures, right?

I disagree with this statement! Part of the problem with 480P or 480i is the damn codec artefacts. If you move to 720P you expand that limitation to the next level. The CODEC artefacts then become less overwhelming on the video.

I use ffmpeg and yadif=1 filter (any other deinterlace method reduces resolution) . Then I upscale to 720P . The result is I get 720P@50FPS (PAL) or 720P@59.94 (NTSC). The results are far more impressive at 720P than at 480P . I get a frame for each NTSC or PAL Field , making the content more "future proof". Also remember that NTSC at 480P you must reduce the horizontal resolution if you want square pixels. Since I do not like to re-encode based on the use I have found that 960x720@59.94 FPS or 960x720@50 FPS Gives me square pixels and I can encode directly to h264 for most any use, even a web (page) player, which from what I have seen require square pixels. The process is even more impressive for original PAL content on a PAL DVD or Laserdisk, as it seems so close to 720P that I can see why 720P was never big in PAL countries.

I am linking to some examples of Laserdisk content done this way, however the original captures were not the best so I will also link to some DVD examples.

Laserdisk captures (not great captures as I had to tweak Saturation, luminance and Gamma on all of them, All are NTSC )

DVD captures (these are all NTSC)

Here is one example of a PAL DVD done this way however I would not say that I know the original content was PAL and the film quality looks unimpressive.

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It might be nice to see if someone can slim down the domesdayx86 project for video/audio capture only.

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Resurrect this old thread because I find a nice one on LDDB:

Techniques for digitalization and restoration of Laserdiscs

- for the lazy ones, there is a link in the first post:
Tutorial - Deinterlacing and upscaling with 32-bit QTGMC revisited
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
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