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Proposal Deep Rising - UAR (mainly Hybrid) + regrade
Yeah your new one looks better, less blown out. The German DVD's color are vastly superior to the BD. Not even close.
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Thanks! Yep, the German DVD is much better than BD, and also other DVD versions (Italian and French at least), even if they have not the same contrast of the German DVD, retain the same colors, so less green and more blue in comparison to BD.

Found that previous versions has small color glitches here and there, so I went out with the following - so far the closer to DE DVD, I guess:

Audio tracks are all set - waiting for the commentary track that would be donated by a member next week - but only got EN and IT subtitles; sure that ES and FR subs are around, yet I have to find out the DE one... anybody got it?
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(2019-07-26, 08:03 PM)spoRv Wrote: Audio tracks are all set - waiting for the commentary track that would be donated by a member next week

That would be ME!

Ha ha. Ripping the commentary track now. Should have it available for you sooner rather than later. We can move our private discussion here to fanres if you like?

Edit: PM sent!
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Received, thanks!

Well, now time to put everything in sync - it should not take much time...
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after have encoded the video to x264 and put in sync everything, I muxed all the tracks into a BD compliant folder, then proceeded to test (as usual) and discovered with horror that the video has been encoded in VFR (variable frame rate)!!! (more info here:

So now it's encoding again; it should be ready in few hours, so I hope to release it today evening or tomorrow.
Thanks given by: applesandrice
Good catch! Smile

Thanks for all of your hard work on this. To you and everyone else who contributed. This has been a favorite of mine since VHS days. Nice to see it getting the royal treatment!
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