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DaVinci Resolve *.dll problem

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Hey, guys.

I've been trying to install DaVinci Resolve, since I just learned that there is a free version, so I was like "let's give it a try and learn color correction to see if I can do something with Die Hard With A Vengeance myself". But although it's "successfully" installed, I cannot launch the damn thing! I have an api-ms-win-core-synch-l1-2-0.dll alert that I can't seem to correct. All my attempts at googling solutions have failed so far. I even download the f***ing .dll file and pasted it in the right folder as I read here: https://www.dll4free.com/api-ms-win-core...0.dll.html, only to find out that I already had the damn .dll and even a more recent one! Why the hell is it not working?! I hate computers!!! This is exactly the kind of things that, about 10 times a year, makes me want to throw the f***ing thing out the window!
Which Windows version are you using? Latest Resolve supports 8.1 and 10.
I'm on Windows 7. So I should get an older Resolve?
Or update your Windows Tongue DaVinci Resolve 11 seems to be last one supporting Windows 7.
So, I managed to install and launch Resolve 11, except that it tells me it needs some other stuff for it to work, so f*** it. In my book, it either includes what else is required in the install process or it can go f*** itself. I won't learn about color correction, then. Not until, maybe, when I get a newer computer which is not in the cards at the moment.
You should give avisynth a whirl. Smile
LOL, on OSX it's a breeze. My take is you probably have an old install of W7 and your install is wrecked in places. Do you have SP2 and all the updates installed? Make sure your W7 is the most up to date. And 64bits not 32bits.
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Beber what extras did resolve want you to install? It's not uncommon to have to add codecs to editing software (audio and video) in order to be able to read files or render out. Sometimes you have to install/upgrade .NET as well. Frustrating I know but windows was designed to frustrate.
It's telling me this:

[Image: nxnj.jpg]

and then this:

[Image: r1ff.jpg]

And if I continue anyway, creating a project, I can't even find where to open a video in the damn thing. And when searching, it ends up crashing, so I'm kind of pissed already.
Are you running with dedicated graphics card or integrated one?

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