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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Laserdisc Subtitles Screencaps
Hi, I was wondering if anyone who has a copy of Star Trek: The Motion Picture on Laserdisc could post screencaps of how the alien subtitles look (during the opening Klingon scene and during the Kolinahr). The HDTV and the Director's cut use burnt-in subtitles in the Star Trek II font, and the BD uses generic soft subs. A quick search shows the the laserdisc has the original subtitles using a font from the Bauhaus family.
At some point I'm going to do an updated version of my TMP Director's Cut Recreation (I already made new opening credits with a title card animation to match the DVD). It would be nice to have a reference for the subtitles with the exact font and its placement on the screen.
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Yeah, I found Bauhaus LT Bold to be pretty much dead-on (the y and the e are the main giveaways):

[Image: W8nGMhd.jpg]

(Ignore the weird geometry on the left - Spock was on the rough end of the lens used for the laserdisc telecine).

I'll send you a set of screengrabs.

Edit: Not that that necessarily confirms the theatrical font and placement, but it seems the most likely answer. Does anyone have an original rental VHS to check? Was there a Super 8 digest?
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Sweet. Thank you so much for the references. Such a nice font compared to what they replaced it with. The STII font is fine, but it's in all caps and meant for titles.
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To be a know-it-all, the ST2 credits font *was* used for *that* film's subtitles.

Didn't the Special Longer Version VHS have this font too? I could have sworn it did. I also may have obtained a copy of the ABC network premiere at some point. (However, if I recall the subtitles were recreated on video, as per Paramount's usual practice with credits/subtitles during the 80s - though they usually seemed to use the original fonts).
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STII doesn't have burnt-in alien subtitles as far as I remember. Who is subtitled in that film? And the end credits of STII use a mixed-case font for the positions of crew-members, while the director's cut DVD of the Motion Picture inappropriately uses all-caps for its subs.
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Spock and Saavik's conversation about Kirk when he arrives on the Enterprise. Those subs have been pretty consistently represented on home video (at least, the laserdisc, HDTV and Blu-rays that I have to hand).
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Ah yes, you're right. Those subs, at least on the newest Blu ray, are optically composited, so they are most likely completely original.
Thanks for your help finding the right font. I just uploaded the latest version of my TMP Director's Cut HD recreation and now it uses the correct font for subtitles.
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