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[Idea] new screenshot comparison site?
Well, caps-a-holic is very nice and professional, but it has almost nothing on HDTV or fullscreen DVD, and doesn't allow user entries; screenshotcomparison is simple and allow user entries, but it has also empty and wrong entries; and framecompare allow user entries and, most important, more than two pics comparison, but lack a search engine...

Now, it will be nice to have a lightweight site like one of the latter, which DOES not host internally pics (so, a lot less bandwidth and web space), and allow something more; namely, a search engine, a fullscreen comparison, and a slide to see the before/after; I hunted high and low, but without success...

So, maybe we can do it - we made this very forum, at the end, so it would be a walk in the park.

For the moment,I set up a simple comparison here:

The idea is simple:
  • setup a free subdomain
  • main page will be a simple search engine
  • an input page (maybe password protected, so only our members could add pics, and so spam will be avoided) with FIVE simple variables:
    • name of the movie (which will appear in the page title)
    • URLs for both images
    • releases for both images
  • a script (PHP?) will create a new page named as the movie, and feed the other four variables to the easy js
that's all!

PROs: barebone, fast, low bandwidth and webspace usage
CONs: relies on external picture hosting that would eventually disapper one day (but screenshotcomparison hosted itself the image, and look what happened few months ago...)

There is a coder (or more than one) among us, so I'm pretty sure he could say it's quite easy to do so...
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Thanks given by: TomArrow
Now I get what you meant. Smile

What would also be fun if it did have an upload function, but upon uploading it would create a proxy upload over on automatically, then simply sneakily hotlink those images for the own comparison. Big Grin Unethical, but workable? And there's a backup! Oh no wait ... they'll just wipe everything again someday and we'll be left without images...
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screenshotcomparison has a problem... dunno if it's "only" mysql related (as it seems), and/or the database was wiped out (again); it's not reliable anymore.
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
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found this one also works with outside URLs but does only two images

tried it out with couple of imgur uploads
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