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Philips CD-i format ripping

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Picked up Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country on the Phillips CD-i format. Any idea how to rip it to PC and convert it to DVD?

Hoping it’s an open matte version to preserve.
This is basically a VCD, isn't it? If so, it should be as simple as copying the .dat files and use something like tsmuxer to demux it.
Says it needs a video cartridge to play
Managed to rip it using ISOBuster

And it’s the open matte version (full frame 1.33:1)
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Can you post some pics Bigrob? I'm curious to see it
Some early CD-i movies were labelled "digital video" and not quite the VCD spec. Those titles are incompatible with any other VCD capable players. (Several games used the "digital video" format as well.) I briefly owned a CD-i player and a few movies back in the 90's. I tried putting a digital video title in the family PC back in the day and couldn't do squat with it.
AFAIK, they are the same as full frame LD masters of the time. The Star Trek discs had some unique disc art, and some rudimentary static menus, which only appeared when using a CD-i player.
Note the lack of a Video CD logo on TUC.
[Image: s-l1600.jpg]
[Image: s-l1600.jpg]
[Image: s-l1600.jpg]
[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

The Trek films were not released in chronological order by Phillips.
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Having high quality scans of the artwork would be cool.

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Any chance of getting some screenshots?
Working on screen shots people

When I have some free time, i’ll Take some
[Image: vlcsnap-2018-03-22-19h38m14s150.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-2018-03-22-19h38m41s401.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-2018-03-22-19h39m22s118.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-2018-03-22-19h39m54s438.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-2018-03-22-19h40m04s705.png]

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