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The Day After - Original TV Version Reconstruction

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I'm hoping to recreate the original TV version of The Day After from high-quality sources. The idea I have is to reconstruct the original matte from various releases, maybe upscale it if I have time (or, if PDB is willing, I can pass it on to him so he can work his magic). I imagine I'll need several DVDs of the film. Anyone know where I can get my hands on each different version?
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Kino Lorber are in the process of remastering this for a bluray release this year so you may want to wait until that's released before committing time to your project.
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That should give me enough time to gather my sources then. I wonder if the BD will be zoomed in too...
Hopefully not, as said, Kino are working on the remaster at the moment so hopefully have the common sense to leave it uncropped.
I have the Widescreen German DVD, that had AFAIK more image on the sides compared to the us DVD.
I also ordered the cutter German first release that had a full frame open matted image... But lacked in quality.
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Time compressed, but full screen, (open matte?) and has the original Ronald Reagan soundalike on the radio.
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That might be useful, especially if the audio is higher quality than the TV recording I have. Do you know anyone who has it?
No one I'm aware of.
I suppose I'll have to get it myself then, and figure out what the best way is to capture it with what I have.
There are two comparisons on Movie Censorship regarding that movie, comparing the first German DVD release and the second DVD Release.


sadly (for you) just in german, but here:
is also a Framing comparison between old German DVD, new German DVD and US MGM DVD.
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"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom

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