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Return of the Living Dead LD PCM

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Update 2: ROTLD has been acquired also Smile

Update: I have captured ROTLD2, but I'm still looking for the first one so I updated the thread title accordingly. Hoping someone out there has this crazy expensive disc to capture. I can sync no problem  Ok

Original: Hi, just wondering if anyone has the PCM audio for ROTLD 2? The soundtrack was changed after it hit DVD and there's no Blu-ray release, so there's no good lossless sources I'm aware of besides the LD. I have a nice 1080p video source that I synced up a lossy copy of the original audio too, but just looking for the lossless if anyone has it. Thanks!
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Amazingly, Shout just announced a Blu-ray coming this summer with the original audio, so I guess not so necessary now Smile
Well, reopening this request just in case anyone has this movie. It turns out Shout sourced the audio on the new BD from a VHS tape   Dodgy
(2018-09-25, 04:44 AM)bronan Wrote: Well, reopening this request just in case anyone has this movie. It turns out Shout sourced the audio on the new BD from a VHS tape   Dodgy

a VHS tape? jeez
The laserdisc is as rare as hen's teeth.
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(2018-09-25, 06:25 PM)zoidberg Wrote: The laserdisc is as rare as hen's teeth.

At eBay I just saw one... But Japanese LD.. And 80 Euro... Not including shipping.
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Yea, I've only seen the Japanese one for sale so far. At least it appears to be English on the digital track, but yea quite a bit to spring for it Big Grin
(2018-09-25, 05:59 PM)dwalkerdon Wrote: a VHS tape? jeez

Yes, and the best part is they said it was better than the Laserdisc:

"The studio we licensed the film from had no stereo tracks for the original audio. All they had was a mono track. The original stereo tracks are gone. The only stereo source we could use was the VHS tape as we felt that the laserdisc audio was worse. We are not doing a replacement program on this. Sorry."
What about this one:


Found a completed ebay listing https://www.ebay.com/itm/Return-Of-The-L...SwNDZbLndk. Compared to other OOP stuff and especially anything Lucasfilm/Star Wars related, prices from what I see seem somewhat reasonable.
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(2018-09-26, 06:47 AM)springfeel Wrote: that LD doesn't look Dolby encoded
im watching the movie now w the theatrical audio and it sounds pretty good for DD192k just not as loud as a lossless mix.

are you playing it on a pc or a standalone player? the problem with lossy DD is not even the bitrate, it is the dialnorm on hardware
(and most software) decoders. if it wasn't for that, DD would sound exactly like DTS-HD/TRUE-HD/LPCM
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