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Looking for workprints that were floating around in trading circles in the 90's-00's

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Hi everyone I've been collecting workprints for 11 years and I'm hoping I get some help on here from you guys. I'm basically after workprints that were floating around years ago in trading circles in the 1990's-2000's before disappearing entirely. I have a huge want list & trading list for those who are interested. There's probably tons more that existed at one time that i don't have listed.

You can view my want list and trading list here:  http://www.sitcomsonline.com/boards/show...p?t=366828

If anyone is interested in doing a trade or has information message me at [email protected]

Thank you and Happy Easter all,
Why not upload what you have online?
(2018-03-28, 09:06 AM)Chewielewis Wrote: Why not upload what you have online?

I already have. The majority of the workprints I have came from online and trades. The ones I do find eventually I will upload.
Whatever happened to American History X? Remember that was once on places but seems to be taken down pretty much everywhere.
I have access to nearly 200 workprints that I'm happy to share the source of, HOWEVER they are NOT the original DVD-ISOs... Instead they are xvid/avi or avc/mp4(or mkv) re-encodes with file sizes all over the place. If anyone is interested in the link, feel free to PM me Wink

American History X is on that list, as an mkv, with a filesize of 0.93GB TongueBig Grin
I'm an a**hole for posting twice, I know... LOL

Here's a rough copy/paste of the titles I have access to:

Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013).mkv 1,62 GB
54 (1998).mkv 1,14 GB
A Bug's Life (1998).avi 1,33 GB
200 Cigarettes (1999).mp4 0,99 GB
A Man Apart (2003).mp4 1,12 GB
500 Days Of Summer (2009).avi 695,4 MB
Angel of Death 2 (2007).mp4 1,51 GB
Alien³ (1992).mp4 1,16 GB
American History X (1998).mkv 0,93 GB
American Pie (1999).mp4 0,88 GB
Aladdin (1992).mp4 794,2 MB
An American Werewolf In Paris (1997).mkv 0,93 GB
A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010).avi 595,5 MB
Apocalypse Now (1979) Part2.mp4 1,19 GB
Apocalypse Now (1979) Part1.mp4 1,07 GB
Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999).mkv 1,05 GB
Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992).avi 1,96 GB
Arlington Road (1999).mp4 1,07 GB
Barbershop (2002).mp4 1,02 GB
Apocalypse Now (1979) Part3.mp4 573,4 MB
Bad Boys (1995).mkv 1,10 GB
Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery (1997).mkv 0,84 GB
Boogie Nights (1997).avi 1,43 GB
Beowulf (1999).mp4 0,83 GB
Black Sheep (2006).avi 700,3 MB
Boiler Room (2000).mp4 1,23 GB
Bubba Ho-Tep (2002).avi 1,38 GB
BlackGoat (2011).avi 699,2 MB
Bride Of Re Animator (1990).mkv 0,93 GB
Chasing Amy (1997).avi 1,62 GB
Captain America (1990) Version A.mp4 1,12 GB
Captain America (1990) Version B.mp4 1,20 GB
Bulletproof Monk (2003).avi 699,9 MB
Casper (1995).mkv 0,93 GB
Cliffhanger (1993).avi 1,02 GB
Citizen Toxie - The Toxic Avenger IV (2000).mp4 0,81 GB
Children of the Corn II - The Final Sacrifice (1992).mp4 0,88 GB
Charlie Bartlett (2007).avi 688,3 MB
Creepshow (1982) CD1.avi 699,8 MB
Cop land (1997).avi 706,1 MB
Dazed And Confused (1993).mp4 1,21 GB
Cruel Intentions (1999).avi 1,37 GB
Doctor Who (1996).mkv 0,87 GB
Dust Devil (1992) CD1.avi 698,3 MB
Creepshow (1982) CD2.avi 698,7 MB
Dust Devil (1992) CD2.avi 702,6 MB
Dark City (1998).mp4 1,01 GB
Crooked Features (2005).mp4 0,87 GB
Fight Club (1999).mkv 1,44 GB
Die Hard 2 (1990).mp4 1,10 GB
Drive (2011).avi 1,22 GB
Detroit Rock City (1999).mp4 783,9 MB
Cyborg (1989).mp4 512,5 MB
El cantante (2006).avi 695,6 MB
Deadlands - The Rising (2006).mp4 364,4 MB
Hard Target (1993) Version B CD2.avi 700,2 MB
Evil Breed - The Legend Of Samhain (2003).mp4 0,98 GB
eXistenZ (1999).mp4 1,11 GB
From Dusk Till Dawn III (1999).mp4 663,9 MB
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008).avi 1,04 GB
Elephant White (2011).mp4 699,7 MB
Gangs of New York (2002).mp4 1,68 GB
Frankenstein (1994).avi 1,01 GB
Freaked (1993).mp4 0,91 GB
Evil Dead II (1987) Partial.mp4 337,7 MB
Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare (1991).mp4 0,92 GB
Friday the 13th IX – Jason Goes to Hell (1993).avi 699,0 MB
From Dusk Til Dawn (1996).mp4 413,6 MB
Grizzly II The Concert (1987).mkv 0,93 GB
Gattaca (1997).avi 698,6 MB
Heavy Metal (1982) Version A.avi 1,34 GB
Halloween - Resurrection (2002) Version A.mkv 0,82 GB
Halloween H20 (1998).mkv 792,9 MB
Heavenly Creatures (1994).avi 1,37 GB
Hackers Wanted (2008).mp4 695,8 MB
Halloween The Curse Of Michael Myers (1995).mkv 0,89 GB
Halloween - Resurrection (2002) Version B.avi 700,2 MB
Halloween (2007).avi 698,3 MB
Hard Target (1993) Version A.avi 700,3 MB
Hard Target (1993) Version B CD1.avi 700,4 MB
Heavy Metal (1982) Version A (High Gen).avi 699,0 MB
Highlander Endgame (2000).mkv 0,91 GB
Hellraiser III - Hell On Earth (1992).mkv 0,84 GB
Hulk (2003).avi 1,37 GB
Highlander II - The Quickening (1991).mp4 0,96 GB
Hellraiser 4 - Bloodline (1996).avi 699,8 MB
Hit and Run (2012).avi 702,9 MB
Idle Hands (1999).mp4 0,93 GB
Jungle Of Fear (1993).mkv 1,19 GB
Hostel Part II (2007).avi 700,1 MB
L.A. Confidential (1997).mp4 1,48 GB
I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009).avi 694,2 MB
Intruder (1989).avi 699,7 MB
Jason X (2001).mkv 0,86 GB
Kill Bill - Vol. 1 (2003).mp4 1,19 GB
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001).avi 0,87 GB
Kids in the Hall Brain Candy (1996).avi 699,1 MB
Lost Highway (1997).mp4 1,25 GB
Little Shop Of Horrors (1986).mp4 1,10 GB
L.A. Twister (2004).avi 700,2 MB
Liar Liar (1997).mp4 0,94 GB
Leatherface The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (1990).avi 652,1 MB
Linkin Park - Road To Revolution (2008).mp4 643,9 MB
Lion King (1994).mkv 714,3 MB
Lollapalooza 1991 (1991).mp4 693,5 MB
My Best Friend's Wedding (1997).mkv 1,49 GB
Mothers Little Helpers (2010).avi 1,37 GB
Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011).avi 792,2 MB
Men in Black (1997).mp4 0,82 GB
Mortal Kombat (1995).mkv 0,87 GB
Nightwatch (1997).mp4 1,29 GB
Murder Set Pieces (2004).avi 0,99 GB
Mimic (1997).avi 698,8 MB
My Sister's Keeper (2009).mp4 1,05 GB
Natural Born Killers (1994).mp4 1,06 GB
Night Of The Living Dead (1990).mkv 0,83 GB
Phantasm II (1988).mkv 0,99 GB
Not Easily Broken (2009).avi 700,2 MB
Orgazmo (1997).mp4 0,87 GB
Phantasm III Lord Of The Dead (1994).mkv 0,87 GB
Paul Blart Mall Cop (2009).avi 701,2 MB
Payback (1999).avi 700,0 MB
Pulp Fiction (1994).mkv 1,21 GB
Pet Sematary II (1992).avi 629,7 MB
Pocahontas (1995).mp4 752,5 MB
Pineapple Express (2008).mp4 700,7 MB
Private Parts (1997).avi 699,2 MB
Ricky 6 (2000).mkv 1,08 GB
Robocop 2 (1990).mkv 1,06 GB
Rocky V (1990).mp4 1,19 GB
Return to Oz (1985).mp4 724,6 MB
Return Of The Living Dead (1985).avi 668,3 MB
Robocop 3 (1993).mkv 0,86 GB
Star Trek Generations (1994).mkv 1,35 GB
Sliver (1993).mkv 1,01 GB
Silence of the Lambs (1991).avi 0,88 GB
Six Reasons Why (2008).avi 700,2 MB
Signs (2002) CD1.avi 227,0 MB
Stir Of Echoes (1999).mp4 1,07 GB
Stargate The Ark of Truth (2008).avi 694,5 MB
Starship Troopers (1997).avi 695,0 MB
The Astronaut's Wife (1999).avi 1,60 GB
Signs (2002) CD2.avi 238,2 MB
The Patriot (2000).avi 1,37 GB
Tank Girl (1995).mp4 1,01 GB
Strangeland (1998).avi 0,82 GB
The Crow (1994) Version B.avi 1,53 GB
The Crow (1994) Version A.avi 1,37 GB
Street Kings (2008).avi 699,8 MB
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (1984).avi 798,9 MB
The Big Lebowski (1998).mkv 1,14 GB
The Blair Witch Project (1999).avi 0,83 GB
The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993).avi 2,22 GB
The Crow (1994) Version C.mp4 1,09 GB
Terminator 2 3D - Battle Across Time (1996).avi 112,5 MB
The Dark Half (1993).mp4 1,07 GB
The Other Side of the Underneath (1972).mkv 2,03 GB
The Nutt House (1992).mp4 2,00 GB
The Football Factory (2004).mp4 0,83 GB
The Dark Crystal (1982).mp4 721,6 MB
The Living Daylights (1987).mp4 0,94 GB
The Iron Giant (1999).mkv 652,9 MB
The Little Mermaid (1989).mp4 425,1 MB
The Manson Family (2003).avi 680,4 MB
The Mask (1994).avi 751,2 MB
The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008) CD1.avi 698,9 MB
The Matrix (1999).mp4 595,1 MB
The One (2001).mp4 0,79 GB
The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008) CD2.avi 667,9 MB
The Prophecy (1995).avi 0,92 GB
The Silence Of The Lambs (1991).mkv 1,16 GB
The Punisher (1989) Version A.mp4 0,91 GB
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986).mkv 1,06 GB
The Punisher (1989) Version A (DVDRip).mp4 546,1 MB
The Punisher (1989) Version B.mp4 761,1 MB
The X Files (1998).mkv 1,13 GB
The Return of the Living Dead (1985).avi 668,3 MB
There's Something About Mary (1998).mkv 1,06 GB
The Thief and the Cobbler (1992).mp4 0,83 GB
Too Much Johnson (1938).mp4 1,06 GB
This Is Spinal Tap (1984) CD1.avi 698,8 MB
This Is Spinal Tap (1984) CD2.avi 698,7 MB
Trauma (1993).avi 0,98 GB
This Is Spinal Tap (1984) CD3.avi 698,8 MB
Underworld Rise of the Lycans (2009).avi 1,37 GB
Vampires (1998).avi 1,02 GB
Waiting For Guffman (1996).mkv 1,16 GB
Waterworld (1995).mp4 1,42 GB
Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010).mkv 691,6 MB
Urban Legend (1998).mp4 0,90 GB
X-Men Origins Wolverine (2009).avi 1,38 GB
Very Bad Things (1998).avi 0,90 GB
What Dreams May Come (1998) Version A.mp4 1,04 GB
Workprints - Vampires Suck 2010.avi
Vampires Suck (2010).avi 700,7 MB
What Dreams May Come (1998) Version B.mp4 1,01 GB
Willard (2003).mp4 0,98 GB
Zombi Holocaust (1980).mp4 0,83 GB
I don't remember their site's name, but there was a user called Ghostface44 that was always talking about his huge workprint collection which he has on his site, off memory I think he may have made a few custom bd's from his collection back in BluRG days. If you can track him down you may have a shot at a bigger selection. Last I saw he was semi active at HD4Free, another dead site now, but there is a ghostface uploading at beyondhd, they may be worth a shot.
Is 'The Faculty' WP real?
Ive spent 10 odd years trying to track that down to nothing but dead ends.
Looks like Ghostface44 is active on spleen if any of you are interested, mentioned him above because I remember how he was always talking about his workprint collection
(2018-04-11, 04:27 PM)CSchmidlapp Wrote: Is 'The Faculty' WP real?
Ive spent 10 odd years trying to track that down to nothing but dead ends.

It's real. There was a guy who ran a site called PitofHorror who apparently had a copy but he never responded back.do you have any workprints?

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