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Help Terminator 2 Judgment Day UAR
(2018-04-07, 11:06 PM)spoRv Wrote: Further tests are needed; I'll eventually post them there when it will be the time.

D-Theater: I have a lot of hardware, but sadly not a D-VHS deck... Sad

About WMV: found a comparison here
It has the same color grading as blu-ray (disreguard the tiny color difference, given by the fact the WMV is rec601 and BD is rec709, and the original poster didn't the conversion - because he thought it wasn't the case, as it should have been, as WMV is HD, albeit "only" 1440x816 instead 1920x816); do note that, strangely, the resolution is higher than BD...

What? You can't just magically pull this out of your bum? Andrea .... you're sleeping on da job again, lol!!!

Wink Wink
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Just implemented new color matching algorithm that works fine. It will be available in the next release of AutoOverlay.
Full framing sample (BD + DVD) of T2:
The only problem is a small misalignment during the film beacuse of very different transfers.
Thanks given by: TomArrow
Seems nice. What BD have you used?
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Lionsgate BD 2015 as for custom open matte.
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I'd like to see some more of this custom open matte
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When is the UAR testclip going to be released?
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This looks great so far!
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Sundance USA is airing this film in a 2.00:1 aspect ratio.
Thanks given by: TomArrow
(2018-09-04, 05:58 PM)CourtlyHades296 Wrote: Sundance USA is airing this film in a 2.00:1 aspect ratio.

May you capture/record it?
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