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Help Terminator 2 Judgment Day UAR
If I remember right, there are two different HDTV masters for T2. The one in the US, which had made rounds on Tubi TV and Roku Channel in the past with a Paramount logo attached to the end, is opened up vertically with minimal horizontal cropping. I'm not sure if that one is closer to the Russian 4:3 DVD, but it also has the TriStar logo before Carolco's and might be based on the Extreme Edition HD master that was used up to the 2016 BD.

I've heard of another HDTV master that made the rounds on European channels back in the day. This one I'm told is reportedly very magenta (could be what the Russian DVD is based on) and opens with an older 2000 era StudioCanal logo (the one with the weirdness going on in space) at the head with Carolco following afterwards. It's opened vertically for most shots, except the CG VFX ones featuring the T1000 which are completely zoomed and pan and scanned, compared to the US HDTV master that probably have them zoomed in with a center crop.
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(2020-04-06, 06:55 AM)spoRv Wrote:
(2020-04-06, 03:10 AM)Tylerdurden389 Wrote: Do you plan on releasing this edit of yours?

If only I can find an HD source with the same colors as the Russian DVD... things would be easier! Big Grin

I hear ya. We'd all like that too lol. Thankfully, for my fan edit, I wanted to go fullscreen with more info on the top and bottom anyway, mostly for the nostalgia of the classic days of 4:3.
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