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blu-ray with laserdisc/vinyl sized covers
Taken directly from here - I left the links untouched, so if anyone would like to get some, the original website would get some bucks - believe me, there are incredible low prices for some titles!

300 Collection
Alfred Hitchcock Collection
Alien Anthology (Prometheus To Alien)
Back To The Future 1-3
Batman Anthology (1989-1997)
Beauty & The Beast (1991)
Beauty & The Beast (2017)

[Image: 270-0553_PI_66650AL8?op_sharpen=1&id=G7Q..._sharpen=1]

Blue Planet 2 (Dokumentation)

[Image: 205-3959_PI_66650AL2?op_sharpen=1&id=geH..._sharpen=1]

Bruce Lee Collection
Conan The Barbarian + Conan The Destroyer
Dark Knight Trilogy
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (incuding 2 Soundtrack LPs)

[Image: dawnapes-vinyl-combopack.jpg]

Deadpool (incuding 2 Soundtrack LPs)

[Image: deadpool-vinyl-combopack.jpg]

Die Hard Collection
Doctor Strange
Dragonball Z Collection
Elizabeth Taylor Collection

[Image: 510-8570_PI_66650MN?op_sharpen=1&id=ftMa..._sharpen=1]

Fast & Furious 8

[Image: 682-4737_PI_66650MN?op_sharpen=1&id=h2cb..._sharpen=1]

Fernando González Molina Collection
Finding Dory

[Image: 796-6134_PI_66650MN?op_sharpen=1&id=0Njb..._sharpen=1]

Gremlins + Gremlins 2
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 1

Ist in der Datenbank eingetragen

Amazon UK

[Image: 61TyJmuveRL._SL1093_.jpg]

Ausführliche Bilder hier im Forum: UK- Guardians of the galaxy ( big sleeve)

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (including 1 Soundtrack LP with 3 Tracks)
Hangover Collection
Humphrey Bogart Collection
Indiana Jones Collection
John Wayne Collection
Jurassic Park Collection

[Image: 228-8294_PI_66650MN?op_sharpen=1&id=R_ub..._sharpen=1]

Kingsman: The Secret Service (including 1 Soundtrack LP)

[Image: kingsman-vinyl-combopack.jpg]

Leonardo DiCaprio Collection

[Image: 1507-1.jpg]

Lethal Weapon Collection
Logan (including 1 Soundtrack LP)

[Image: logan-vinyl-combopack.jpg]

Mad Max Anthology
Marilyn Monroe Collection
Matrix Trilogy
Michael Douglas Collection
Ocean's Trilogy
Planet Of The Apes Collection
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (inkl. 1 Soundtrack-LP)

[Image: riseapes-vinyl-combopack-700x352.jpg]

Rocky Anthology
Rogue One
Sherlock Holmes Collection
Spider-Man Homecoming
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Superman Collection
Taken Collection (Extended Versions)
The Hunger Games Collection
The Lion King

[Image: 701-7940_PI_66650MN?op_sharpen=1&id=_nZa..._sharpen=1]

The Nightmare Before Christmas

[Image: 549-3572_PI_66650MN?op_sharpen=1&id=4XTa..._sharpen=1]

Tim Burton Collection
Trainspotting 2

[Image: 601-4549_PI_66650AL9?op_sharpen=1&id=J9m..._sharpen=1]

Twilight Collection
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets

[Image: 375-3656_PI_66650MN?op_sharpen=1&id=Sycb..._sharpen=1]

Wolverine Collection
X-Men (Original Trilogy)
X-Men (Prequel Trilogy)
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There is also one for Last Jedi.
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