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custom made laserdisc/vinyl covers for blu-rays/DVDs

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Curious about how a big sleeve/vynil edition (that was invented by us Italians, it seems) look like?

blu-ray with laserdisc/vinyl sized covers

I always dreamt of doing something like this; I even tried to make a similar custom jacket, maybe ten years ago... but now, I would like to find a way to do custom covers for my projects!

No idea where to start, frankly; make some searches on the web, found few interesting links:

Craft Corner : Making Laserdisc Covers

[Image: Underground+Banker+Print.jpg]

the author just applied printed sheets over blank generic LP sleeve; result seems not bad, even if artwork is not great IMHO...

DIY Record Album Covers!

[Image: img_0825.jpg]

this is way better! Author made the cover out of photographic paper, with an insert sheet with transparent mounting hubs, and CD labels that perfectly recall the sheet graphic. A very nice project indeed!

How to make your own LPs for $$$ and not $$$$

[Image: lp-mating-sm.jpg]

just jump to the gatefold cover making ideas; it could help to get something like the big sleeve/vinyl editions.

So, there are basically two design:
  • normal jacket - discs are stored inside it, on hubs attached to a inner sheet
  • gatefold jacket - it opens like a wallet; discs are stored on "pockets", while additional material like miniposters could be inserted inside an open side
For the first design, I think the second link is perfect; for the second one, I thought about a similar approach, with of course a different blueprint - twice the size, if you want double layer jacket, or an L shape if you like to get single layer on the front, and double layer on the back, to get space for the disc "pockets".

I guess it will always be possible to have a single layer gatefold cover, where the discs are mounted on hubs attached onto the right part of the inner side, but, using photographic paper of this size - that is usually 225gsm or 255gsm at best - I guess it would not be sturdy enough.

Another approach could be to print on smaller sheets (A3+) and glue them over a generic gatefold sleeve; don't know how nice could be the final result, though!

I can say that the cheapest option I found online to print a 64x64cm sheet (which is for gatefold sleeve, dual layer) is around 32€ for one piece, the same for two pieces (with the same content, of course); from 5 pieces on, individual price would be around 13€ - simple 1440dpi 4color print, no plastification. Don't know how much would cost printing them at home - using a cheap printer, which is around 200€, compatible ink, a3+ photographic paper, *maybe* would cost less, if enough prints are made, who knows?

EDIT: Disney covers have mainly white, and few black, borders on all sides... so, I guess, it would be possible to get white or black vinyl jackets, and print on A3 photographic paper (adhesive or not); this would be 29.7 x 42 cm (29.7 x 29.7 cm when cut square), that will leave less than 1cm for each side, more or less as the Disney covers; of course, following this method, the central part of all sides woud be a bit more thick, so I don't know how good could look.

P.S. on amazon.es, some titles, including three or four blu-rays, are around 8/9€!
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