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2001 70mm 50th Anniversary Print
I'll have to get that one!
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I saw it last night in Paris at the French Cinémathèque, on a 70mm print, the same one that Nolan presented last year in Cannes. It looked really good. Not as saturated as the remastered Blu-ray, I'd say. 'Cause the cyan and brownish-yellow cream colors were not pushed as much. I don't know what the UHD HDR looks like. Probably a better match.
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Did the print in Paris open with the original stylized MGM logo? Or did have the Warner Bros Saul Bass logo strangely added to 70mm prints reportedly during last years run?
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I don't remember any Warner logo on the print. I do remember a drawing of a lion as a logo, though.

That one, I believe:

[Image: mgm-lion-lippincott.jpg]
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Yes, that's the original MGM logo which appears on nearly every version.

According to this post on

a user claimed to have seen a run of 70mm prints last year with the Saul Bass logo strangely tacked on replacing the MGM logo. I'm not sure if this information is 100% true, but some other users in different topics also made claims of a modern static Warner Bros shield appearing at the end of some of last years 70mm runs.
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No Warner logo at the beginning, I'm quite sure of that. I stayed until the very end, until the very last note of music and I don't seem to remember a Warner logo even then.
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