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Dawn of the Dead (35 Project #3)
I thought you were refraining from judgement Big Grin The shots on the Twitter post aren't even under florescents, let alone actual screen caps. They're probably taken with a cell phone.

I missed that SS's is coming from OCN. Will definitely be interesting to compare to the interpositive scan on the French release.
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(2019-06-08, 02:30 PM)zoidberg Wrote: in this podcast Jost Vacano describes shooting Robocop almost exclusively with fluorescent tubes (Kino Flos and on location lighting). Problems can arise for sure when differing light sources are used within a scene, and similarly certain desirable 'looks' can be obtained as well.

Kino Flos (at least modern ones) don't have a noticeable green cast and aren't really comparable to normal household/supermarket fluorescent lights in that aspect. We had some at the uni and they mimic daylight rather well. They're also more expensive than normal fluorescent tubes, which is probably why most places go for the cheap variant, considering that it looks mostly okay to the human eye.

The Kino Flo tubes alone are more expensive, but I'm not even sure if you could operate them just by plugging them straight into a wall outlet like normal tubes, since they are designed to not even flicker for example. The way they are generally used is with a very expensive device (like that can regulate their intensity without affecting white balance.

Sorry if I'm just saying stuff you all already know, as I so often tend to. Big Grin You didn't give a timestamp and I'm too lazy to listen to 30 minutes of podcast to find the full context of what you were quoting. Smile
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Here's a few pictures from the bluray thread on the French release (take with a grain of salt of course). Outdoor scenes look pretty natural, green tint in the mall as expected:

[Image: kxAdcXG.jpg]

[Image: X7lKE8Z.jpg]

[Image: vAjRAIT.jpg]

[Image: rMwPRJS.jpg]

[Image: gh4FcDB.jpg]
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That framing really is inexcusable. Note visible boom-mic guy in the third shot. Confused
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The tl;dr of the podcast is that Jost Vacano used Kino Flos and also available fluorescent lighting (when shooting on locations etc), such available lighting was with standard domestic/industrial tubes which have the green spike as mentioned. His personal take was that so long as the scene is lit entirely with fluorescent light then the green can be graded out (he did not mention camera filters). It's worth a listen if you have the time.

Looking at the behind the scenes footage LucasGodzilla posted you can see the mall is being lit with additional movie lighting as well as available light, the department store stands outs as being teal/green in comparison to the warmer light elsewhere.
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Some caps of the French release here:
Thanks given by: LucasGodzilla

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