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[Released] Wallace & Gromit in "The Wrong Trousers" - Original Audio Preservation
This is something I made and put on OT, but I want to start participating on here more so I thought It'd be good to put my projects over here as well.

Ever since the early 2000s, every release of The Wrong Trousers has had several musical tracks replaced with generic royalty free alternatives, due to copyright issues that were never resolved. For this project, I've restored the original audio to this classic short film.

The specific audio clips that have been restored are as follows:

- The birthday card now plays the "Happy Birthday" song
- The montage of Gromit trying to sleep now plays "Happy Talk" and "How Much Is That Doggy In The Window"
- The next morning, Wallace now hums "How Much Is That Doggy In The Window" as he walks by Gromit
- The small television Gromit watches as he eats his cereal now plays the Open University theme

This is a 3.96 GB MKV that is now available on MEGA. It is HD, 25 fps.

Special thanks to alloneword on OT for the TV rip audio source, which was used for the whole short, with the logos and end credits theme sourced from DVD audio.
Finest kind.
Thanks given by: spoRv
I've not seen this in years, but I must have seen it before the audio tracks were replaced. As I remember a lot of what you're describing.

Thanks for restoring the audio.
Thanks given by:
Why not using LD audio? It should be better than meagre TV audio - or not?
Thanks given by:
I don't have access to LD audio. If someone here has captured it I could re-sync it.
Finest kind.
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Sounds alright to me.
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