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Terminator (1984) stereo track reconstruction
I wish I could that's the problem Sad I doubt I can do those fonts and stuff everything else I can do....

So Yeah basically you got the idea now though a bit of fun which may I add the sound mix is not a fan edit more a correction it's great to hear the bass drums and high hats extra music and a few minor improved sound effects and stuff it really adds a lot. I fixed that Reese "what?" line in the underpass also it's the same take but pitched up and EQ that soundbite always bugged me. It always sounded so wrong!

One of the Highlights is the Garage chase and the police station has the proper shotgun sounds not the assault rifle but it has been blended with the music.

So far as the sound mix goes You can obviously take or leave parts of it as anyone sees fit but it's not really different apart from sounding a bit fuller.

So whilst doing this I was thinking about going one more level with the actual film in a few bit parts.

Actually perhaps I can do the Code?
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(2018-05-09, 07:54 AM)Ronster Wrote:
(2018-05-09, 05:05 AM)Tylerdurden389 Wrote: Forget the posters. There is absolutely NO indication in the context of the film, that Arnold is the bad Terminator during the first half hour of the film.

Well the scene where he punches through the punks body and rips is heart out is not something a human could do. And it feels pretty evil to me...

So it is established straight away that there is something not normal about Arnold. I think the Punks scene does explain something about Arnold being different but not exactly what he is...

I was talking about the first half hour of T2.
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Yeah although Terminator 2 is a much more successful film in terms of financial success. The first film is much better than Terminator 2 simply the whole atmosphere to it.

It has never gone back to the horror roots of the first film and that is a real shame.

Sorry I misunderstood you there!

Who would have thought Nibble Magazine eh Smile
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Definitely agree about the 'horror' roots. Everyone is all excited about James Cameron "mentoring' this new Terminator film that will be a direct follow up of the first 2, and yet the few, like us, who actually prefer 1 over 2, would honestly feel more comfortable if the film was simply done on a small budget, with a director who's also more a fan of the first film, and of course, went the only direction it should go: Future War. No more "Connor who must be protected", no time travel, no robo-humor, and of course, the most critical: no Arnold. Hate to say it but, aside from the obvious that keeping Arnold around and trying to de-age him has not and will not work, I think that if a second Terminator movie was made without Cameron's blessings, some time during the mid-late 80's, the future war setting, with a new cast of characters, with the same nightmare quality those future-flashbacks had, is the direction the franchise would've (and IMO, should've) went.

Sorta like how Ridley Scott had the ideas for Prometheus and the Engineer as a sequel to Alien, before Cameron decided to stick to the Xenomorphs instead.

And if at all possible, if they can't get Brad Fiedel to do the score or do it in the T1 style, get one of the thousands of indie musicians who can, and would do it for scale pay:

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I think the idea I am having about doing a Terminator Video Edit is in a sense to tell the whole story in one film....

Basically the whole story is there already inside the first film. That has somehow managed to be what now 6 films?

The only thing it's missing is the Stuff Cameron did in T2 that he could not do for T1

These would be as follows in my opinion

Briefly seeing the Nukes and Skynet Computers so it's not as abstract but still remains Abstract
The extra Terminator Vision shots
Deleted Scenes where they plan to attack Cyberdyne systems amongst others
Terminator Destroyed at Cyberdyne Systems
Full Circle Loop in time (Mobius)

But you could also go further visually in a sense of when they escape the police station we simply cut to a Gas tank needle but should there have been a shot of the road at night like T2 but with music? There are small things but it's symbolic.

So I think T2 is almost like a reverse engineered T1 that added stuff that was envisioned but could not be done but went action comedy.

The thing also is T1 is also a nice Love story part amongst all the Horror. Like what I was saying again it has it all...

But the Idea I have is tell all of it in one film in 80's style and then you basically can keep watching the same loop in time and you don't need to watch any of the others if you prefer the Horror original. Smile

Anyway Audio mix sort of done apart from Future War and Infiltrator and an over all final levels adjustment.

I had to replace the Audio of the explosion that Blows the Terminator in half as it was just awful sound quality and also I will Have to replace or add in on the first 2 explosions for the Tanker (Last 2 are ok) same problem but not done the Tanker yet. The whole Factory Chase came out really well very glad with that part too.
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Well, if it's the 80's style you like, check out my vimeo page for clips of (rough) edits I've done for my fan edit of Terminator 2: 80's synth edition (title pending, lol). I'm replacing the music with stuff that sounds like what I posted earlier.
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You have your work cut out for you trying to re-do a whole soundtrack.... I really wanted to add John Barry to Casino Royale for instance but these sorts of projects are verging on the impossible. It's probably something I would never attempt but you can't get away from the fact that these films are of a different time and they look sound and feel different.

Whilst adding John Barry score to Casino Royale would as an idea in it's own right is a good one the practicality of doing such a thing is probably not possible.

So like what I am doing with this Audio project of Restoring some soundtrack cues and doing a few remix parts it's do-able because I am using an additive and replacement technique. The truck part ending up taking ages yesterday so I am getting a bit fed up with working on this been a lot of Hard work... Only one bit left to do then I am calling it a day on this Remix. But that is the thing something that falls into the Realm of "Replacement" and the workload load goes up by about 400 - 500%

But it was worth it...


Ok Just to let you know I finished this but I want to make a few further changes...

Overall upon testing I felt It was just nicer to have a broader mix the extra music is just there where it was not before and any sound I changed is not that distracting and ultimately I think people will enjoy it. That was the main goal anyhow restore a bit of music and make sound a bit better fix a few things yep it's good glad I did it. I'll complete on this next week you know what this stuff is like....
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ok this is now done so let me know...
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