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Help Time for a new display? Opinions wanted!
I also have an OLED. For movies nothing beats it, besides a good Plasma or CRT. HDR and 4K look awesome, so do good 1080p encodes from Blu-ray. I also play games on it. No burn in problems so far. Though I use the pixel fixing thing on a weekly basis.

Yes, certain LED TVs are brighter. But I usually don't watch movies in a very bright environment, so this doesn't bother me.

In short: If you want to use a TV mainly for watching movies, an OLED is the way to go, if you're willing to pay the higher price tag.
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Agree, OLED is great with movies.

Still, actual brightness is lower than FALD LED, and its 300 pixels motion resolution (650 with the help of electronics) it's a bit low, without counting screen uniformity, near-black problems etc. (burn-in apart, not a problem with movies)

I think in few years all problems will be solved - or a new technology will come, like Cledis or real QLED. We'll see! Smile
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A detailed review would be posted soon; meanwhile, I watched Skyline on blurat, and it was pretty perfect; blooming present only on final credits - but, frankly, who cares?

SDTV (best channels) are incredibly clear, didn't think was possible! Want to make a comparison using the PAP with an untouched DVD in one window, and the upscaled version on the other.
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LED TVs need to have a ton of lightzones, to reduce the blooming. Once you got an OLED it's really hard to get something else. The contrast is just mindblowing. Though the LED Walls Sony and Samsung have presented could be an alternative, since each pixel has it's own LED. This could be a OLED contender Smile If the prices go waaaaaaaay down Wink
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OLED is a fantastic technology, still with some problem; probably in few years they will be solved - also, let's wait for RGB OLEDs instead actual WRGB from LG.

Meanwhile, a 512 zones FALD LED backlit LCD like the DX is a great display. Agree that it has problems, too - blooming, limited viewing angle for example - but top brightness is insane - almost 800nits full screen retained for MINUTES, not second, albeit I must admit I don't see the point, apart to blind someone or take a sunbath during winter time! Big Grin

With limited angle I can live with, even if off the golden spot it is not that bad; blooming are easily noticeable off axis, but in direct front view I noticed only during proper local dimming test, and during end credits sometimes...

Finally I got my PC hooked up to this UHD display, so soon a proper review will be written, finally.
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