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x264 encoding from Adobe Premiere

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(2018-05-07, 08:43 PM)X5gb Wrote: Vouk just replied with good news:

"Oh, yes. I disabled this back in the days.
Yeah, i will try to get it enabled again. Its useful for BD authoring."

Hoping it gets enabled soon.

That's awesome news!
Interesting, didn't know something like this existed. I've been using x264vfw with Premiere for years.

I wish there was a way to use x264 with Resolve.
New version of voukoder out https://github.com/Vouk/voukoder/releases


.Added 2pass encoding to x264 encoder.
.Added filesize estimation where possible i.e. for encoders using CBR, ABR or VBR (does not work for CQP or CRF)
.Voukoder checks for updates on startup and informs the user if an update is available.
.Added the full bunch of the advanced x265 parameters.
.Fixed bug in the NVENC encoder parameters (aq-strength).
.Added libfdk_aac (You need to have "libfdk-aac-1.dll" in either either your c:\windows\system32 directory or in your main Premiere or Media Encoder directory).
.Added bitrate selection to libfdk_aac
.Fixed pixel offset bug with yuv444 8bit
Noticed Premiere now accepts mkv since 12.1.0. Shame the timecodes / frames on files are so out of whack using it and makes any export's useless. Back to mp4 for now.
You mean accepts as in importing mkv's to the timeline? I would never work with mkv's, mp4's, i would use AVI or Prores for working on projects. Or if you really want, image sequence.
Yea, importing. Personally prefer not to introduce another layer of encoding, even lossless (hard drive space at a premium in my household), mp4's never had a problem with (in the little time I've been using Premiere) and only after editing go to lossless avi followed by encode with x264.
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This looks great!!! Just wish it was avalible for mac Sad

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