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Predator (1987) LD PCM
[Image: 9n3FLu6.gif]
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(2018-07-06, 12:07 AM)dwalkerdon Wrote: I actually like the 2.0 mix of the Phantom Menace better than the 5.1 DVD mix and the 7.1  Blu ray Mix.

The Blu-ray has the same 6.1 as the DVD. Only difference: DVD is Dolby 5.1 EX encoded, while the Blu-ray get's all channels discrete.
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(2018-07-07, 09:15 AM)jonno Wrote: [Image: 9n3FLu6.gif]

Here are two tracks encoded from AC3 into OGG Vorbis and the Opus Codec (for demo purposes), one is the 5.1 AC3 Terminal Velocity from the 1998 Buena Vista DVD

and Here is the Phantom Menace 2.0 AC3 Pro Logic track converted into the Opus Codec

I am not saying that it is a replacement for lossless, but it is an option that should be considered (Even Cinema DTS discs are Compressed, and they Re-encode/decode them into PCM/DTS-HD MA for projects on this site all the time, so I see nothing wrong with doing this)

On Early DVD's from Paramount, Sony/Columbia/Tristar Home Video and Fox, they often include a 2.0 Prologic AC3 track, many of them being the Original Theatrical Stereo Optical Mix

these mixes sound pretty amazing with the Dialnorm/DRC removed. Why Dolby would shoot themselves in the foot by forcing Dialnorm/DRC and not giving the end user the ability to disable them just baffles me!
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No-one's saying that compressed tracks don't have their uses (especially when they represent unique mixes), but you seem to be suggesting that very lossy Dolby Digital sources should be considered even when someone's taken the time to sync an uncompressed laserdisc track of the same thing.
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I think part of the confusion is my fault since I brought up Predator 2 on this thread. He was originally responding to me, saying the DVD could be used as a worst case if we can't get the LD ripped.
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(2018-06-07, 09:09 PM)zoidberg Wrote:
(2018-06-06, 07:47 PM)bronan Wrote: Amazing work as usual Jonno!

Slightly off topic, but does anyone know if there are any releases of Predator 2 out there with lossless stereo? The US BD is only 224 kbps.

Your best bet is 1853-85.

Just to circle back on this, the stereo track on the Predator 2 LD has been ripped and will be synced to the 4K release coming up.
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Does anyone have any of the JP releases for Predator 1 or 2? Would be interesting to compare.
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I definitely captured 2 already, not sure about the original but I have the disc still at any rate.
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Awesome! let me know when you're able to share and I can take a look
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