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Audio and frame rates?

I've got a HD WEB-DL of a film that I'd like to sync the original audio to, as the WEB-DL doesn't feature the original track. I've got two sources of the original audio. One from a laserdisc (taken from a video/audio capture rather than a dedicated audio capture), and an official DVD. The DVD is cut, as is the WEB-DL. I'd love to restore the missing scene, but as yet it's beyond my capabilities.

The problem I'm having is that the respective sources seem to be running at different frame rates. The WEB-DL runs at 24 fps, and the DVD and LD capture both run at 29.97 fps. Looking at the audio, the DVD runs about 2 minutes longer than the WEB-DL. The DVD suffers from frame cuts, as I'm guessing would the WEB-DL (additional to the cut scene). If I was to try to sync the audio from the DVD to the WEB-DL, what could I do to convert the audio to match the frame rate?

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Audio wise, 29.97fps (movie) and 23.976fps are the same.

Best thing is to "convert" 24fps to 23.976 (actually, no conversion at all, just let the software "tell" to read it at 23.976fps)

Of course, you still need to put audio in sync. Let's wait for some advices about a simple free editing software to use, from other users, as I mainly use Avisynth, that is a pain in the... neck to learn from scratch! Wink
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Thanks for the advice, spoRv! Much appreciated.
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