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VHS Formatted to fit your TV ? Fullscreen or Widescreen
(2018-05-14, 09:03 AM)Valeyard Wrote:
(2018-05-09, 08:18 PM)CSchmidlapp Wrote: Haha. I had no idea you could do that on consumer CRT's.
Did it just adjust the over-scan, revealing more picture top, sides and bottom?

Really? I have a TV where I've dialled down the overscan too. I haven't fired it up in a while... Big Grin Oh and I used service mode, not taking it apart and fiddling with the internals!

Yes bud, Ive seen it on some CRT Broadcast monitors, but had no idea it was easy to alter this in a 'service' mode or take your own TV apart!
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I would definitely suggest you use the service menu, not take apart the TV.
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Haha. Ive got no CRT TV's anymore, not had anything serious since the early 2000's.
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The late model Sonys are a boatload of fun. It took me weeks to do my HD xbr960 because you have to do the geometry from scratch and one false move kills it. Now since that's on the fritz I did my local find XS955 set and got it much better in only a few minutes. Guess I learned fast after the super hard first go round.

There's very detailed threads on AVS on how to do it and all Sony's are similar across the board. It is essential to at least do an overscan adjustment with a test pattern displayed. Then at least check your convergence.
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