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Goonies Laserdisc PCM
Hi! Hoping someone still has an active link to this. Please shoot me a PM if so. Thanks!

Edit: Got it! Thank you PCM angels Smile
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(2018-05-21, 08:09 PM)bronan Wrote: Hi! Hoping someone still has an active link to this. Please shoot me a PM if so. Thanks!

Edit: Got it! Thank you PCM angels Smile

if you have the original 2001-2002 Goonies DVD, extract the AC3 2.0 track and then convert it to WAV/PCM, i guarantee you it will sound amazing!!!! Im pretty sure that it is the theatrical mix.
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I watched the Goonies bluray some days ago..
I haven't seen this movie for so long,and never on bluray.
Still a very fun movie!

But i was very disappointed by the soundtrack!
It was too loud, specially the sounds effects, didn't like how the voices sounded, kept playing with the volume during all the movie...very tiring experience...

at the end i realised that i watched it with the Dolby TrueHD 5.1 track, and that there was a Dolby Digital 2.0 (but sadly only 192kbps)..
i tried it and what a difference!!!
The mix was well balanced, everything was smooth and intelligible...very pleasing!

So i wonder...
is it the theatrical mix?
is this track the best version we can get for this movie, or is there something better, like the pcm laserdisc track?
is the bluray Dolby Digital 2.0 track from the bluray is the same as the AC3 2.0 track dvd track mentioned above?
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Chris Knight, yep the DD 2.0 is the theatrical mix! what program were you using to play it? I use Kodi on Dolby Digital sources because it doesn't enable dialnorm. It actually has the potential to sound just as good as PCM, but the idiots at Dolby Labs made Dialnorm a required part of the DD specs, and as a result, most hardware and licensed software Dolby Digital decoders have it enabled.
Thanks given by: Chris Knight
ok, thanks!
So,this is indeed the theatrical mix that's much better, in my opinion..(what a surprise...)

Didn't use any program...just my panasonic bluray player.
Didn't know about dialnorm...
i will look into that.. thanks for the info!
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