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Crash (1996) Workprint
Hi everyone,

Hope everyone had a great long weekend. I come to you guys for some help. Crash is one of those lost workprints I've been after for about a few months. I've considered it to be the holy grail of lost workprints. I've spoken with 2 people who claim to have had the workprint. The one person was supposed to trade it with me but never happened, the other person provided me a lot of information on it that confirmed a lot of things that I've been reading on various forms.

*It runs 10 minutes longer, not 160 minutes as a few people have claimed.
*It has no music and the quality is poor.
*Has reel changes.

It was being passed around in trading circles in the late 1990's and hasn't been seen in over 20 years so I ask you, if you know of someone who has a copy or has a copy and is willing to trade private message me and we'll work something out. I would like to see screenshots for proof. You can message me here or at my email:

Thank you all,

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After doing some searching around, I dug a little bit more research. Apparently, it was a leaked version because the film was having time tough getting released and the workprint was the only way to see it at the time. So yeah, still looking for a copy any information helps Smile

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