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(2018-11-03, 08:27 PM)X5gb Wrote: Here are a couple of screenshots from my final very slow 2 pass 30mbps encode of The Mummy (hue=0,sat=1.0,bright=-1.5,cont=0.9), looks much better than my original default encode which was to bright and better than the encode over at the German forum. Would be nice to know your thoughts on the sequel, Beber, if you get around to it:

[Image: VdGk0mB.jpg]
[Image: Rukwvni.jpg]

I tried my hand at regrading some images.

How do these look to you? They both have the same settings. If you want to see how the whole movie would look with my grade, you could use Dr. Dre's color matching tool to make a LUT from a frame from your untouched UHD-rip and one of these two sample frames.

[Image: 9L3QZg4v_o.jpg]

[Image: iCKhRiN2_o.jpg]
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Very, very interesting thread... 
i spent quite some time on it, and still a long way to go..
But i was just wondering ...anyone already tried to convert the new 4k uhd remasters of Batman and/or Batman Returns  in Bd?
Because,even if they already come with remaster Blurays, the result is not good...(too much teal...)
To the point that i prefer the old Blurays to the new ones..
I'am not equiped with 4k, so i can't judge the uhd discs, but from what i read it's much better.
So the only solution, besides a regrade of the remasters blurays, would be to convert those 2 movies into Bd.
So before i even think of trying, i 'd like to know if the result can be better than the existing blurays, and if it's worth it... Wink
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(2018-11-30, 02:52 PM)Beber Wrote: All right. After many tests, I came up with this for Die Hard 3 : hue=0, sat=1.3, bright=3, cont=1
It's still not a perfect match compared with a 35mm print, but it's a lot better than the old master.

[Image: ON5wx.jpg]

Hey, guys. I lost the UHD WEBRip of Die Hard with a Vengeance called Stirb.langsam.Jetzt.erst.recht.1995.German.DL.DTS.Dubbed.2160p.WEBRiP.x265-CODY in a 2-day old (!) brand new hard drive crash and cannot find it anymore. I managed to get Die Hard 2 back, but not 3. Does anybody still have it and is willing to share privately?
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