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Return of the Living Dead (1985) Shout Factory BD with edited credits
I'm not sure if anyone else noticed or not but the newer ROTLD BD from Shout Factory has it’s end credits edited to match the replacement song they used because they couldn’t acquire the original song for this release. The song in question is The Damned - “Dead Beat Dance” and the song they replaced it with is The Straw Dogs - “Young, Fast Iranians”. It wouldn’t be such a big deal but the thing is the new BD looks fantastic and has better framing, less damage and just more detail thanks to the new scan. The UK Second Sight BD looks great but is not as nice looking and has too much chopped off in terms of framing. However, it does include the complete original soundtrack in PCM. I have both the SF and SS UK BD and between them both it could be fixed by someone who knows what they’re doing. I would need some pointers if no one else would want to take this job on. I honestly see this as an easy job for anyone who can simply color match the UK BD to the US BD and then resize it to match the US BD framing to just edit the song credit back in. Any feedback and pointers will be appreciated. Thanx.

PS: It also would be nice to add the original Orion intro back into the front, that was simply cut out from this release. Not a deal breaker but would be a nice added fix.

Second Sight UK BD with original end credits:
[Image: 00001.0149_zpsxjwb9qfz.png]

Shout Factory BD with edited end credits:
[Image: 00002.0182_zps5ojoqa90.png]
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