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Thundercats Exodus VHS
Cuts removed/added/extended :
  • Thundercats "Lost Intro" (restored).
    Thundercats talk on the space ship before fetching Lion-o (restored).
    Tygra's line about the Eye of Thundera being a myth (restored).
    Cheetara identifies the mutants by their ship insignias (restored).
    The mutants talk before boarding the Thunderctas space ship (restored).
    Jaga confronts some reptilian mutants (restored).
    Slithe threatens Lion-o in the sword chamber (restored).
    Panthro talks about looking for a new planet to live on (extended).
    Jaga piloting the ship to third earth (extended).
    Loin-O trying to remember the contents of the suspension capsules before confronting the mutants (restored).
    Wily Kit and Wily Kat fight the mutants before they transport back to their ship (restored).
    Scene with the mutants exploring third earth in their ship prior to meeting Mumm-Ra (removed).
    Sub-plot about the Gigantors and the Trollogs from "Berbils" (removed).
    Mid episode cliffhangers (removed).
    Unecessary start and end credits (removed).
    Some music cues are different from in the stand alone version of the episodes.

Hey everyone. I just completed an upgrade to my last preservation DVD from a few years ago. I used a much nicer VHS capture and higher bitrate audio, as well as upgrading the DVD using some avisynth filters to reduce noise.

Here is a comparison of the image from my old version. The picture of Jaga compares the quality of VHS captured sources. The pic of Lion-O is comparing DVD. The audio is also better. Old on the left, new on the right.

[Image: 30SpJQk.jpg]

Here's a comparison of the DVD on the left, and the DVD ater filtering on the right.

[Image: tUI4v5M.png]

PM me if you have an interest.
Thanks given by: save8lot

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