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Pearl Harbor 1080p Director's Cut
HBO is now supposedly showing the Director’s Cut in HD. I don’t have HBO but this would be the first I’ve ever heard of it airing in HD. It was long assumed to be a video master and was only released on 4 disc DVD. Does anyone have it and could check it out?

Would be nice to do a combo of it and the official blu to make a great looking HD version. Not sure how you’d go about making it 23.976 instead of 29.97, though.

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I wonder if it would be open matte or a cropped 16:9... Either way, could be cool though! Never seen the director's cut of this film.
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It is available on the interwebs.
A tv rip 1080p 5.1.mkv. It is in 2:35:1 AR.
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There's a AMZN Prime HBO WEB-DL of the Director's Cut available around as well.
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