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35mm film scans
Hello, can anyone help me in locating the following 35mm film scans please:

The.Matrix 1999.35mm.1080p.Cinema.DTS.v2.0

This is their naming online from what I can gather. Or ideally put me in touch with the guys who released them. Not privileged to MySpleen where i believe they're available. But have managed to source Raiders Of The Lost Ark from these guys & its incredible. 

Thinking back over the years, I've had these on Betamax, VHS, DVD & BluRay but would so love to see them in the format I remember them best. 

Thank you in advance, apologies if this is in the incorrect thread.

Long live 35mm Smile
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I went to the Alamo Drafthouse about 2 years ago for a 5 Arnold movie marathon and True Lies was the first film of the day. The 35mm print was in bad condition unfortunately and had a low buzzing noise and a vertical line going down the screen for the entire film Sad
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