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Come and See (1985) regrade (using the DVD as reference).
Are you aware that Mosfilm's restoration of this is available on their YouTube page? A Criterion release is forthcoming, almost certainly.
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Pretty sure it's based on Japanese Bluray, most likely same transfer that's uploaded on Mosfilm's YT and what will land on Criterion release.
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It isn't, I've had a look at it.
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The Criterion Bluray will be welcome for sure. Big Grin
It's been "coming" for some time now, though...
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I never heard of this movie, but those screenshots in the first post take me back to my childhood, especially those beautiful woods ... (my family is from Czech). Magical.

Do you have comparisons between the source and the regrade too? Just to see the amount of change that went into it?
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Can I also get a link to this torrent? Thank you
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(2018-08-10, 11:00 PM)TomArrow Wrote: Do you have comparisons between the source and the regrade too? Just to see the amount of change that went into it?

THere's also a link in the first post: Comparison
I think I did some fixes after capturing those pics.

Credits look like this (less green):  [Image: image.png]
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Please go back to distributing the movie to the demonode
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