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Spider-Man 2 (2004) Open Matte

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So I've found this open matte version of Spider-Man 2 on some Russian site I can't remember, but I've downloaded it and gone through it with a fine toothed comb and compared it to the BR. But first, here are some screengrabs. 
[Image: RtYlSJv.png][Image: btBsJhH.png]
[Image: lug4zop.png][Image: QGYTh4s.png]
[Image: yW9rjfQ.png]
[Image: nLclO4i.png]

I then took some more screenshots and stacked them ontop of the BR and found that some shots barely had some new info. (Blue=Open Matte and Red=BR)
[Image: bnz4Jnw.png][Image: GM5HcJ5.png]
[Image: J7lit8i.png]
Other have a lot more and appear that the BR from cropped from it
[Image: fdPbf6Y.png][Image: NODelGc.png][Image: nPXvahD.png]Looks like prime material for a UAR Version, eh spoRv?
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