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Netflix Germany currently show True Lies & The Abyss

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Both movies are in HD, Widescreen and with Dolby 5.1 in english and german.
Theatrical Cut for The Abyss and it's the new tealed transfer.
So, basically, nothing new. Otherwise you'd be ecstatic about True Lies, so I just assume it's the same old master.
Is Lies a new master?
True Lies is the same old shit.
Somebody on a german board even suggested the compression is worse than AMZN.
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I recorded an HDTV airing recently, with a different colour timing from the theatrical release.

[Image: ULXOAJD.png]
[Image: sMgWZWG.png][Image: 1T5zV7W.png][Image: lQRlynr.png][Image: upAnSec.png][Image: wcTKBkQ.png][Image: rUIGe5i.png][Image: IdqWbN5.png][Image: XDSTvwd.png][Image: 2OR14Ra.png][Image: jkZKCBO.png][Image: 7xSECX5.png][Image: FnNBLjy.png][Image: cq9aWUU.png][Image: KYRsQsP.png][Image: sTVGSI6.png][Image: vsqFJof.png]
Wow! It looks like a remaster! Apparently the process has started and we will soon be able to see Blu Ray!
(2019-01-14, 09:33 PM)maksnew Wrote: Wow! It looks like a remaster! Apparently the process has started and we will soon be able to see Blu Ray!
You think so? To me it looks just like the old master we all know. Look at Arnie and his pal in the car: the same old typical red-pushed master for a 90s movie.
Yea, same old master, I capped the ts stream of that showing the other week as well.
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Same old same old.
Is this genre fit for my kids? I am looking for nice shows by Andy Yeatman  online but I also want to add more to my list. The shows available on Netflix are over and I am not able to find more anywhere else. His content was superb and now he doesn’t work with Netflix anymore.

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