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Coming to America (1988) LaserDisc PCM
[Image: Lq9xA2B.jpg]

Capture of the PCM Surround soundtrack from Coming to America LaserDisc (LV 32157 I believe) and synced to the Paramount Blu Ray.

I did not capture it myself. Someone on another site known as "theswillman" created a LaserDisc preservation project. However the end product was only a DVD5, so the sound was compressed to AC3.

I requested separately to get hold of the PCM capture and he/she was happy to give it to me. The only information I have is "this is the raw PCM from the player TOSlink out, with nothing else done to it." and it was given to me in FLAC 24bit format. So I cannot guarantee it is bit-perfect.

I mostly just removed the side change silence and fixed a couple of instances of drift.

Also I don't have BD ripping capabilities so had to source the movie rip from elsewhere. I synced this PCM to the AAC 5.1 track from the rip. I hope it is accurate enough. When testing I notice the sync is not completely perfect with the video. Sometimes looks good, other times slightly out of sync. I thought it was my work but I notice it on the AAC too. I wonder if this is just normal as I don't normally pay so close attention when watching a movie.
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