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[proposal] Hitchcock: Restorations of Universal BDs
You really think it's upscaled from SD? I'd think it'd be more likely that it's from the HD master that was downconverted for DVD, than that the SD source was upscaled. There were plenty of of older HDTV airings sourced from HD-resolution transfers that were done for a DVD release - the first DVD versions of Ghostbusters and Back to the Future, E.T. 20th Anniversary, possibly stuff like like the original HDTV of the Star Trek II theatrical cut (which I sadly only have in 720p, and may not be alive/in retention anywhere online now), or that brightened, garbage-matte-infested master of 2010 that HDNet ran before a BD was ever released, and so on.

It may be that you can see the cleanup artifacts more because the transfer was meant to be downscaled to anamorphic SD? I just feel like an upscale from SD would be immediately recognizable as such.
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Sorry, what I meant to say is that they made HD masters in 2005 for the MC DVDs and then the Legacy releases were spiffed up in bitrate and quality for RW, Vertigo and Psycho. The HD file suffers from compression for airing and not being a modern higher resolution master-it's likely only 1080p to begin with at best since they then had to go back later and make this 2K DCP for the Blu release.
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