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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) (Ultimate Edition) | Digital IMAX | 1.90:1

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(2021-04-01, 07:14 PM)Hitcher Wrote: It's finally 'out there' folks.

A minus 24-frame delay (-1001 ms) will sync whatever track, audio or subtitles, from the Ultimate Edition Blu-ray to the FLUX 2160p HDR.
(2021-04-14, 03:00 AM)interaser Wrote: Ok, after some tests seems like the new remastered source has better overall colors but is inferior comparable to the old source (lacks details in dark areas).
To make a definitive version I guess for the wide screen parts of the movie would be best to take the old Blu-ray source and color grade based on the new source and for the IMAX parts just go with the new source.
Maybe one day I'll work on it, we'll see.

Looking forward to it!
looks like the BatSup available on hbomax is now updated to the newer version with the imax shots

Dolby Vision and Atmos
I see your version it's not available anymore. Will you reupload it in the near future, or are you holding on for a possible v4 which uses both BD and 4K Remastered IMAX?

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