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Point Break (1991) Original Dolby Surround 2.0 Mix and 4.1 mix
Springfeel, you are somewhat correct about that, until i found out later why it sounded so bad, and I found out how to fix it!!
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(2018-09-13, 07:47 PM)springfeel Wrote: A VHS tape would likely sound better than a lossy 2.0 ac3 track Smile

yeah, you are technically correct, but only since Dolby forces all of their Hardware (and most software) DD decoders to enable Dialnorm/DRC by default (so the volume level will always be way lower than any other source, which is the reason why i always convert an AC3 track to another format which gets rid of the DRC, but the guys in this forum always tell me its a bad idea, but I do it for this very reason!) 

The compression quality of DD/AC3 itself is great. They Managed to fit near CD quality sound on 35mm film using only using 320 Kbps for all 6 channels (in the early 90's, a feat!!!), but the moron who decided that Dialnorm belonged on the home version of AC-3 (the Theatrical version did not have Dialnorm/DRC) should have been fired as soon as he proposed that Idea. 

I found out that DD can sound as good as DTS/ DTS HD Master Audio, and Uncompressed LPCM while using Kodi (which does not enable Dialnorm/DRC on AC3 tracks) this weekend, and comparing the PCM bitstream output (SPDIF) to the Dolby Digital transcode/passthrough options. 

The regular PCM 2.0 passthrough sounded like a DTS/ CD track  while the AC3 Passthrough/Transcode sounded just like the optical DD output of my DVD player. I used the DVD of Days Of Thunder in the DVD Player, while I used the ripped version of that same title in Kodi.
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