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In progress JAWS 2 - Extended Edition - 1080p Presentation
(2020-03-20, 01:28 AM)TomArrow Wrote: That's incredible. Amazing cleanup! Wouldn't have thought that possible. Hope you'll share some of your techniques some day.

By the way, one thing you could try for the upscales is the reduce resolution going into the upscale to the "native" resolution. For example if the VHS capture is in 720*something, it might help to reduce it to the native VHS resolution of I think ... ehm ... best google it but I think it was 300- to 400-ish. And then go with that reduced version into the upscaler. I haven't tried the Video Enhance one yet, but I tried this with Gigapixel and sometimes had great improvements in the upscaling. I think it's because they train it on downscaled images, so it doesn't really know how to deal with footage that is blurry to begin with.

Thank you TomArrow!

And for the downscales - I did exactly that.  Tried multiple downsized versions until I hit upon a sweet spot.  Technically VHS is around 352x480i depending on many factors, but squeezing it to that and thinner didn't help.  Appears it needs to be roughly in the right aspect ratio but sized down.  I guess my rule of thumb is keep downsizing until it looks like it has HD sharpness to it.  Eventually its just right and the program latches onto it.  Sadly, some sources are too fargone for the current tech.
Thanks given by: TomArrow
Agree with Tom, amazing cleanup! Ok
Thanks given by:

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