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What happened to originaltrilogy.com?

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Hello, everybody!

So, can somebody tell me what happened to originaltrilogy.com?
What do you mean? It's there.
Well, when I try to go to that site, I somehow end up here.
Is strange.

If you go to originaltrilogy.com, it takes you to some kind of chinese online shop.

If you add /forum (originaltrilogy.com/forum), it takes you to the right place.
Strange, never noted before, because I have a open page on my subscription...
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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This morning I went to "originaltrilogy.com" as I have it saved that way in my bookmarks... took me to some page for booking a room at a Best Western Hotel... Weird! My first such issue with that site... Added \forum to the address and it worked fine.

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