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Halloween (1978) Criterion Laserdisc Theatrical Mono Synced to 4K UHD Blu-ray
Here's a quick and dirty project: I've synced the Crtiterion Mono audio, courtesy of Sporv's release, to the new 4K Blu-ray. All it involved was adding some silence to the beginning, and voila! We now have the proper theatrical audio, which was mistakenly omitted from the new release, which includes a fold-down of the surround track instead of the original mono.

My file is a .wav and can easily be muxed with the 4K video. This played flawlessly via Plex on my TV and should play fine on pretty much everything.

Uploaded to MEGA, PM for links. Will only send to active members, as per usual around these parts.
Thanks given by: bronan , crissrudd4554 , Beber , Stamper , Evit , THX 1138
Cool beans, thanks for doing that Colson
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Thanks given by: Colson
Out of curiosity, what exactly is the main difference between the mono and remixed surround stereo version apart from the obvious?
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I don't know all the changes, but I know there is new foley like lightning, wind, etc. as well as changes to pitch of certain lines (the speed kills one in particular)
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There is at least one changed music cue, as well (one of the stingers).
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I was literally doing this same thing a few nights ago. I just recently got a 4K drive able to rip UHD discs. Haha
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