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Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
So they had the time to do a 4K DI and it still looked like this? God that's pathetic.

Well I see what you mean from the review. Point taken. Better but not perfect blacks is something, I guess, but it's not exactly a winning endorsement for the UHD. Well I'm not going to go HDR, that's a whole level of effort I don't want to put into this film. Let me look at the conversion to SDR again and see if it makes a difference. Converting it to SDR might negate the UHD's better blacks.
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Er, they should've released it in December like the other movies instead of releasing a rushed job in May, and Bob Eiger has already aknowledged that mistake.
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(2018-10-10, 07:53 PM)PDB Wrote: As for the subs, I'm not a sub guy but let me see what I can come up with.

I am a sub guy, and here's what I came up with for Rogue One. Bronan's tool can turn these *.ass into *.sup and they'll look exactly the same:

[Image: lh8n.jpg]
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You can use the raw 10 bit HDR stream and apply a LUT to it as well, preserving any amount of blacks/whites you like.

Comparing SDR and HDR colors in a review is a bit problematic imo. You could watch both on an HDR screen, but there the advantages of the HDR colorspace would make it unfair. Or you could compare it on an SDR screen and face the problem that there is no standardized way of HDR to SDR conversion.

Macroblocking is definitely something 4K is prone to with lots of movement/grain, though.
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(2018-10-10, 04:29 PM)PDB Wrote: Hmmmmm...

Those hard subs would be better then player generated subs. Anyway I might be able to get copy at least of those parts, schorman?

Ok, I've made my own 1080p encode with the burnt-in subs. I didn't do any color correction or anything like that.

I'm sending you the link through PM. I've only retained the 4k captures at this point, but I saved them as 8bit yv16 (4:2:2). As I'm typing this I'm realizing I probably could have saved space by storing it as YV12 since UHD is still 4:2:0. If you'd like, I can try a capture at 10 bit to see if you think it'd be worth doing.
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